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I'm Peter van Breugel, I'm an artist and I finally have something new and completely different to offer. It's been a long time coming.
It's a book of 80 song lyrics and poems written by me over the last 38 years. To read more click on the book cover.

Going for a song
Going for a song

My poster prints are all still available, including
The Beatles:
A Decade in the Life
Pink Floyd-2nd Edition: Dark side of the Wall and
The Rollingstones: Was it only rock n roll
I also still have a few of the group sitting of Australias top 40 musicians and groups from the 50's to the 90's, Time to face the music. Check the Pricing page to order. I also paint murals and other types of artwork. Visit More work to see some of my murals around Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. To read more about me visit My profile. I'm available to paint private and commercial artwork in your home, office or at an outdoor venue, in and around Melbourne, Victoria. All outdoor work is graffiti proofed to minimize the effects of vandalism. Banners and elevated murals can be painted offsite on weather proofed materials, delivered and installed on site.
I specialize in
FINE AND COMMERCIAL ART (including design and illustration).

You can email me for more information, orders, quotes, or just to say hello.
Member of Vi$copy. ph (02) 92802844. email:
visit for more beatlemania, artifacts, art and music.
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