going for a song book
Going for a Song: .

It's been a long time coming. In fact it has taken me 38 years to
compose, and construct this creative compilation of 80 original song lyrics and poems.

"Going for a song is my first book, and self-published. I thought it's time, (especially as time seems to be flying by a little faster each year), so "better late than never". For too long I had slips of paper and unfinished writings tucked away, filed, misplaced or forgotten. Not anymore, I've finally composed 80 works, spanning some 38 years, since I wrote "Blue Horizon". The earliest poem I still have any record of......."

"As a visual artist, I now mostly focus on painting public murals and hand-lettered traditional sign writing. I came to realize that creative expression can wear many "faces". Painters who also write. Musicians who paint and draw. Actors who dance or play instruments, etc......."

"Moving between visual art, creative writing (also a visual art), and music, I can only imagine just how many talented "artistic" people in this world, no matter how passionate and devoted, have ambitions and dreams never quite realized. How frustrating the experience, the feeling of finally having "a foot in the door", or multiple doors, and the doors never opening quite far enough to actually let them in!................"

"To quote a stanza from my song "Only Love Will Dare"

"There's a strength we find in failure
And a weakness in success
There's a time to keep a secret
And a time we must confess."

Going for a Song
The 80 song lyric and poem titles

This book is available for sale. Please contact me for details.
Malice in Blunderland
The window
The only drug
Lunatics of love
Only love will dare
Champion of broken dreams
Cat on a hot tin roof
Song with no name
Jovial Jack
Rocks in my head
While the river runs
Not dead
The room where Syd lived
19 Lighthorse Drive
I know I should
One less regret
Dangerous love
Catching up
Somewhere in the world
The stuff of legends
Think I'm growing up
Back on the track
A walk with the devil
Girl of glass
Garden of hope
Cosmic butterfly
Beautiful thing
A Salvador Dali dream
Walk with angels
Humans race
Brass monkey
I am art
For James Marshall
The dreamaster
When the hammer falls
Lost and found
The circus troupe
Freedom story
Stranger to my world
Touch your heart
The question of life
Words and pictures
Days of the white knight
Paris for lunch
Till the day I died
The first kiss
Corporate clones
Nothing hurts more
What dreams may come
Last night
(Has to be) The real thing
Say too much
Ode to a legionnaire
A hold on me
Sunshine girl
The last laugh
The gift
Chapter 21
The same mistake
Hope in a box
Adelaide to Amsterdam
Don't hand me that line
All things turn
Moni and Roxie
Blue horizon / Enigma
The sun god
Cafe a la gare
By the way
With conscience clear